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Colt 45 and two zigzags..

Baby that's all we need

18 April
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**R.I.P Tyler King Lewis**
10/10/86 ~ 5/20/05
311, 99 bananas, a christmas story, a walk to remember, afi, aim, al pacino, alcohol, alexisonfire, alice in chains, alice in wonderland, alkaline trio, anna, armor for sleep, bay area, beastie boys, beer, being home alone, beloved, bikers, blindside, bone thugs n harmony, boys, brand new, cars, chappelle's show, christina aguilera, coldplay, concerts, cookies, crown royal, cute clothes, dane cook, dave chapelle, dave mirra, death cab for cutie, digital underground, drinking, driving, drop dead fred, eminem, finch, fire, flotsam & jetsam, food, football, friends, from first to last, glassjaw, green day, gum, guns n roses, hatebreed, hawthorne heights, hockey, hot bodies, ice, ice cream, jay hernandez, jenna, jenna jameson, joanna, johnny knoxville, jose cuervo, kevin james, kisses, la, lingo, liquor, local bands, local shows, love, mac dre, mad tv, madonna, making out, matchbook romance, meeting new people, mickeys, money, movies, music, my chemical romance, no doubt, normal like you, nothingface, office space, oh combon, old horror movies, old school, parties, partying, phone, piercings, primate, prong, queen, raiders, rap, reno 911!, robin, rockos modern life, roses are red, rufio, saosin, saves the day, scarface, scorpions, sex, shopping, showers, sj earthquakes, skid row, slayer, sleeping, soccer, soco, south park, spice girls, spiderman, spiderman 2, sublime, suicidal tendencies, superman, taking back sunday, tattoos, tech n9ne, tequila, the ataris, the simpsons, the sopranos, thrice, thursday, titanic, tlc, trigger happy tv, tv, twas, underoath, weekends, west side story, will ferrell