Tonya (cruel_in10tionz) wrote,



Friend's Only.

Comment to be added
and i'll for sure add you back :)

<33 tonya
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thanks for the warning. add me loser

!!!ITS ZACH!!!
TONYA! If you couldnt guess by the wildly obvious name, its craig ADDZ!
hey ton --
add me
<33 anna
tonya gurrrr. wow that is how many years old?

alot. k add me. =)

added you all ;]

hey i found you through an interest search and saw that you like a lot of cool bands. i was hoping you'd check out my band at hit up our livejournal and tell us how you like it :). thanks!
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hey.. im from the surveys community and you seemed kinda cool from the survey so im adding you.. you dont have to add me back if you dont want..
hahah added ;]
We're both in one of the survey's community. And we're both Cali chicks. =P

I added you. Will you add me?
sure thing ;]

<33 added youuuu.

added ya back ;]
I was looking through the surveys community and found your LJ. I love your username. Cruel Intentions is my favorite movie of all time. Mind if I add you?
yesss i love that movie as well!

added ya back ;]

Add me I promise not to let Isaac read your journal. This is Steve from science. Add me now.
oh no...

i know i'm probably going to regret this later but ..

i added you back.

p.s. issac is a faggot, bye

a while ago when me n richard were goin out i ono if you thot i was "muggin" you or w.e but i realli wasnt meaning to n sorri if it seemed that way..just wanted to let you that cool if i add you.?
i'd love it if you added me, so go right ahead if you like :)

sure thing!

add me first and then i'll add you back :)

<33 tonya
tonya.. u fucked up.. not even addin ya own blood.. u dead to me gurll
johnny .. i added you fucko

hey, its johnny ray. add me! <3
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Hey Tonya!
It's Jamie.
I added you, add me back?
added back :) <3333333
tonnn. it's Christina.
add me :] I added you

♥ Christinaaa
added :] <33
Tonya! It's Jamie. Add my new journal :].
added ;] ♥
the atrais rule!
add me?!
added :]!
it's mally
add me.
i got a new livejournal!